Thursday, March 28, 2013

Styling a Square Coffee Table

We have a square coffee table. It needs help. It's a nice table with a rather hodge podge assortment of things on top. I'm on a mission to make it look a little better, and here's some inspiration to get me started. I was actually surprised by how many square coffee tables I found out there. I always thought it was more of an unusual or less common shape, but I found tons. Yay for being square - maybe it's cool after all! 

Simple yet Chic

Most stylist will tell you that things look best when grouped together in an odd number (for example, 3 objects usually look better together than 4). I noticed that several of the square tables had 4 objects or groups of objects though. I think it looks good that way because it seems to ground each of the corners of the table. Within each "group" there is often an odd number of things but not always. See what I mean?

An odd number of things/groups can look really great too. (I love these close ups.)

Just a little detail I noticed and something I'm taking notes on. Here are a few other ideas I'm catching on to based on the examples above. 

1. Add some height: Several of the tables featured a potted plant or a vase of fresh flowers, but height could be achieved in other ways too.

2. Vary the height of the objects: You need some that are tall and others that are long and low to the table.

3. Vary the shape of the objects: Use objects that are short and round and others that are tall and lean (or any other shape and size you can find).

4. Trays are good. Books are good too.
5. Quirk is fun (especially if it's animalia quirk). Did you notice the dogs and horses? Those are my kind of pets.

So, I hope that gives you some fresh ideas and inspiration. It's certainly helping me. I'm ready to tackle that boring (border-line ugly) table top now. 


Image Sources: Pinterest (2 images); Atmosphere Interior Design; Colleen McGill; Pinterest; Marlien Rentmeester's Home; Pinterest (2 images)


  1. Found this post when looking for photos on Pinterest of square coffee tables. I'm looking for a tray for my square coffee table but I don't know if I should go with a square tray or a rectangular tray. Only one of these photos has a tray in it, and it's rectangular.

    1. A rectangular tray would add interest as a different shape from the table and they're probably easier to find too!


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