Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Around the House (Of Gardens & Fabrics)

Hello, friends! I hope this finds you well. My garden is in the works, sprouting happily in the corner of my kitchen right now. The kids and I planted beans last Monday (for earth day), and they're already up! It seems fast to me, but I know nothing about gardening. Someone asked me just the other day if I liked gardening and I told them I'd have to get back to them on that! Total novice here. We've never had a yard let alone a garden before.  

You can see in the background that we still have a ridiculous amount of snow. It will be awhile yet before the snow is gone and our garden plot is ready, so I thought I'd get the plants started indoors. Fingers crossed that it works. At any rate, we love watching the plants grow. They've shot up so quickly which has been fun and exciting for the kids. 

Our yard is completely undeveloped since we built new. We're excited to get it started this summer. We're not going to try to do everything but a deck, fence, grass and garden would be nice. Here's hoping we can at least get the "essentials" done. 

Let's see... I got the orangerie pillow sewn for A's bed. LIKE!

Oh, and I'm experimenting with hand painting some fabric for curtains in the master bedroom. Trying for a coral colour, but it's hard to get it just right. I'm having to mix colours. More experimenting needs to happen. Green is also an option. And I for sure like the smaller brush strokes best (in green).

Christine's curtains are the inspiration there. 

My husband also hung that ginormous mirror for me and the chinoiserie panels. Waiting until I get a few more things in place before I show you those. It's pretty bare bones in the room right now. 

Catch you later!


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