Monday, April 22, 2013

Around the House

Hello, friends! I hope you've had a good start to your week. We're on the mend around here although not totally back to normal. I'm busy washing bedding today and trying to air out the rooms. Get rid of the sick!

A few of the antiques/heirloom pieces arrived from ON over the weekend, and we got some of them in place. It feels like Christmas in April! The ensuite got a pretty two-tiered table with curved legs. We're really happy with how it fits and looks in the space. I took a few minutes yesterday to style it up. Doing something creative was rather therapeutic.

As you can see, it fits perfectly in the space between our tub and toilet. I had thought we might put the fiddle leaf fig tree in there, but now I'm planning to move it to the dining room. The wood really warms up the all white space. I also like how the curves of the legs break up the clean, straight lines of the tub and floor-mount faucet. (Getting some more mileage out of those tulips!)

I think I've shown you some of these pieces before, but here are a few other things we hope to bring into the ensuite as the budget permits. A pretty venetian mirror to replace the builder basic one. I've wanted a venetian mirror for for-e-ver. They're so so pretty.

Greek Key trimmed curtains (they'll tie in perfectly with the rug). The trim will likely run just along the leading edge of each panel. Something like this but in black and white and no cornice.

very much like these

And then we'll get some art up on the wall and viola, she'll be done! Well, I guess we're still a ways away from "viola!" We will get there though. 

L's bed is in place now too, but we don't have any bedding yet so I'll hold off showing you for now. This chair moved into A's room though. It makes for a really pretty reading corner for her. We hope to recover it at some point. 

And this side chair moved into the living room. It will also be recovered/refinished down the road.  

I'm kind of thinking this fabric (pink city maze) by Caitlin Wilson would look good on it, but we shall see.

My fingers are crossed that I'll get A's curtains finished or at least mostly finished today. I'm finally starting to feel energetic again, so I can get back to working on that project. Eeek! Enough talk though. I better get off the computer and rev up the sewing machine. Catch you later!


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  1. LOVE the antique table in the bath. It's truly unique and such a beautiful shape! Your styling is perfect. It's so inviting and luxurious.
    Hope you will get your mirror soon. It is beautiful.
    Oh the side chair in the living room...what a special it! Good for you!


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