Thursday, April 11, 2013

Artist: Christina Baker

I just came across the lovely artwork of Christina Baker, a sell-taught artist who currently lives in the Nashville area. She works with acrylics and paints mainly abstracts although she's done some nice landscape and coastal (seaside) pieces as well. Her work is full of energy and emotion, showcasing terrific colour. I like. I'm inspired. Once this darn pelmet box is finished I'll dig the paints and brushes out again!

Ms. Baker paints. 

The pink ones are my favourites. I love the soft, pretty colour.

Now I'm off to nurse a sore throat. Boo. Time for a little lemon honey tea I think. Maybe we'll make a tea party of it, because I just know the kids will suddenly have sore throats too! *wink*




  1. The pink ones are the best. All beautiful. I've had my canvas for over a year - I'm inspired to try one now (should be hilarious).

    1. I had my first canvas for at least that long too before I tried anything. It's so daunting to start. I have to keep telling myself: "Just Keep Painting. Just Keep Painting." You can do it!


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