Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Attic Rooms

There's something so cozy and perhaps a little magical about an attic room. (Magical things always seem to happen in attics in children's stories, right?) At any rate, they always have a unique look to them since roof lines jut this way and that. Out of necessity, creative design often needs to be utilized to make the most of the sometimes awkward angles and nooks. If done right, the end result can be really special though. I dream about having a studio/office space tucked under the roof one day. Here are some attic spaces done right.

In other news, I have a sore back from working on that pelmet box last night. It's coming along nicely though! Hope to show you soon.



Image Sources: Elle Decor (2 images); via pinterest (4 images); final image via House & Home

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