Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Curtains Up in A's Room & Pelmet Box Innards

I'm happy to report that A's curtains and the pelmet box got finished and installed yesterday. It feels soooo good to be done, and I'm thrilled with the end result! It's been a long time coming, but it was certainly worth the wait. Pretty. Pretty. Pretty. Have a look!

I left the pom pom trim off the bottom edge of the pelmet box in the image above. The rest of these pictures have the trim running along the pelmet edge. Which do you prefer? 

I think I like it with the trim, but I can still change my mind since it's held in place with only double-sided tape right now (love that stuff). 

The whole window treatment is very elegant but still appropriate for a little girl. The large scale floral chintz (orangerie rose by Designers Guild) feels fresh and modern. The pom poms are a terrific playful touch. The orangerie was definitely a splurge, but we saved by only buying enough to do the pelmet and a pillow (still need to sew that). The white curtain panels are a faux dupioni silk that I found on clearance for $4/meter and doing all the sewing myself certainly cut down on cost. 

Here's a look at the innards of the pelmet box to give you an idea of how it was built and hung. See the box in its earlier stages here and here

A "ledge" was mounted to the wall. The pelmet box slips into the ledge.

The ledge sit atop the window casing and is held in place by 4-5 large screws.

The panels have a simple fold over top and I used a basic wood dowel (cut to size) as a rod.

The hardware we used to mount the dowel & curtain panels.

A close up. (Not exactly pretty on the inside!)

With the curtain panel in place.

Can you see that back piece that's about 5" wide? It stretches along the back of the entire box, and that's what fits into the ledge I showed you earlier. The back piece slips into the ledge and that's how it's hung. Make sense?

A few quick facts if you're thinking of making one:
  • We used 1/2" plywood
  • The dimensions are approximately 60x20x4 (inches)
  • The box extends beyond the window casing by about 5-6" on each side
  • I used 1 layer of batting between the fabric and plywood
  • I staple gunned the fabric in place  
  • Be sure to leave enough room above the ledge to slip the box in (it can't hang right flush with the ceiling the way I designed it).

I may still line or paper the backside of the box since it doesn't look great from the other side of the window (sorry, neighbours!). I have to say this was one of the more challenging projects I've done to date, but it turned out ok. It actually looks quite good (if I do say so myself). It's solid and has a well made, professional look. I've seen other DIY pelmets using foam core, glue and duct tape that look pretty good in the end, but I was skeptical. I decided to go the wood and screws route instead. 

Yay! Project Done. Feel free to e-mail if you plan to make one and have questions along the way. I'm not a pro, but I can help you out if you're making it the way I did. 




  1. Looks fantastic!! I would not be able to pull this off. I lack any DIY skills:)

  2. It looks terrific & I like he trim on both the box and the panels.

  3. It looks so professional - good for you. I prefer the pom-poms on it - just looks more custom to me.


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