Thursday, April 25, 2013

Large Scale Lamps

Thanks for your sweet comments on A's curtains. You make a girl feel good. 

I've shared these cage lamps from Black Rooster before, and here they are again, because I just like 'em. I so want to use them somewhere.

The only drawback to these beauties is that they are massive! We're talking almost 4 feet tall. Oh, how I wish they were closer to 30" or thereabouts. I'd snatch them up in a heartbeat. So, I'm trying to decide if they might work in our bedroom as beside lamps. Thus, a large scale lamp round up to ponder.

Maybe, just maybe, I could make them work after all. Working over sized lamps into a space seems possible, but it's a little more risky I would say. You have to be more aware of how they relate to the headboard/bed, bedside table, window or wall behind, etc. Because of their size they're going to make a statement and catch the eye, so you want them to look good and relate well to the other pieces in the space.



Image Sources: via pinterest (Nathan Schroder photography); Betsy Burnham Design; via pinterest; via Chinoiserie Chic; DC Design House via pinterest


  1. I say do it. These lamps are spectacular. Any smaller and they're not statement lamps anymore.

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