Friday, April 5, 2013

My Latest Painting (All Framed & Hung)

I'm really excited to show you what we hung up in the mudroom last night - my latest painting! Eeek! I'm quite happy with how it turned out. I had shown you a picture in the early stages, but here it is all finished. As you can see, it's a brushstroke piece in black and white with a gold frame. We did the frame ourselves which was a bit of an adventure, but it turned out pretty well and was WAY less expensive than having it professionally done (it's a mudroom after all). In fact, the whole project was inexpensive. I spent just over $60 in total. (I had the paints and brushes so I didn't need to purchase those supplies.) We're thrilled with our new art! It has some great texture due to the fine pumice gel I used (something new to me). It may be hard to see the texture in the pictures, but it's there and I like. 

I was going to show a step by step on how we framed it, but I didn't get around to snapping pictures. Feel free to e-mail me if you'd like to know how we did it. It was pretty simple and straightforward, and there are probably better ways of doing it.

I also ordered these pretties the other day. We plan to hang them in our dining area on either side of one of the windows. I love the sculptural detail; they're so interesting and unique. Scoppio wall plaques at ZGallerie.  

Oh, and we got the shelf and mirror up in A's room.

And here are my terrible drawings for her pelmet box. It's actually been kind of tricky to figure out. I've never done anything like this before, so I'm making it up as I go. The project is officially getting started tomorrow, and I'm pumped! You can read about the plans here

Things. Getting. Done.

Happy Weekend! 



  1. Good for you! I like that it's graffic and square. It reminds me of an abstract, Hawaiian sunset - modern and bold edginess in a classy room.

  2. I'd love to hear how you framed it, Sarah!

    1. The canvas I used was a back-stapled type (not the gallery-wrapped). They are usually the cheaper option. I bought 1.5" primed wood trim from Home Depot. You buy it by the foot and you can get them to cut the wood so it fits in your car. My husband helped me measure each of the sides very carefully and then cut the corners at 45 degree angles. I then spray painted the trim gold with Rustoleum Metallic spray paint. We ended up gluing the 4 corners of the frame together. The canvas fit in so tightly that we only decided to secure it with one nail at the top. It's not the type of frame that will last forever (especially since it's held together with glue), but it works for now and looks great. Again, it was WAY cheaper to do it this way. We hung the canvas by screwing in two little hooks on either side of the canvas (at the back) and strung a wire between the hooks.

  3. wow great job...I wish I had your courage with paint, the walls are striking!


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