Friday, April 26, 2013

Phooey Foo Dogs

Time for an update on those foo dog lamps I ordered way back when. Well, I got them painted (they went from turquoise to white) and put back together. Then it was time to look for shades because they came without. I figured it wouldn't be too much trouble to find something that would work. Well, I was wrong. So then I decided to look into having shades custom made. The verbal quote I received was somewhere between $50-$60 per shade. That's more than I wanted to pay, but it seemed fair for something custom. When we got the real quote back, the price was waaay more. $170 per shade!!! Yikes! I paid less than that (with shipping) for the pair of lamps). So, the foo dog lamps are on hold for now. Live and learn. Worst case scenario, I get a pair of ornamental foo dogs, and I never buy shadeless lamps again!

I guess it's back to the drawing board as far as sideboard lamps go. I'd really like something sculptural or unique looking. Nothing with too much colour though. And it can't be too large or tall (something around 30" would be ideal). Something rounded would be best so it looks good from all angles. (The lamps will sit on the sideboard which rests behind the sofa in our open concept space.) Oh, and I don't want them to cost me a fortune! Is that too much to ask? We shall see.

Some options. 

To Get an Idea

We will find the right ones... eventually. My favourites are the last 2 styles. And the search continues.

Happy Weekend, friends!



  1. Those are all pretty. Wow, who knew custom lampshades could get that pricey. I've got my eye on the 'TL Bellini' table lamp from (they're in Saskatoon). They have some nice ones, but maybe you could do better on the web.

  2. My favorite is the 2nd one, white with the open work. It seems light and airy. Reminds me of a modern take on the beautiful open work porcelain lamps many of my friends had from travels in Asia 30 yrs ago.


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