Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Simple with Big Impact

I do not like clutter, but I am not a minimalist either. Somewhere in between is where I sit. Sometimes less is more when it comes to styling and putting together pretty vignettes. Otherwise, it starts to look like the shelves at homesense (know what I mean?). It's like the home accessories fairy puked out a bunch of haphazard nic nacs onto your console or coffee table. Ick. Simple styling does not need to be boring though. I think if it's going to be simple it needs to be well thought out and you certainly need some drama or flair (otherwise it will be boring). Here are a few examples that caught my eye recently. 

First up, here's a library nook decorated by Nick Olsen. The focal point is the elegant, round table topped with a ginger jar vase and over sized blossoms. It's simple (table, vase, flowers) but oh so good. 

A collection of white vases sits atop this chinoiserie chest. Simple but effective. 

Here's a close up consisting of only a vase with pink blooms and an inlaid jewelry box. That's all folks, but isn't it pretty? (I guess there's the lamp base or vase in the background too.) Proof that a few well chosen accessories are better than an armload full.

I also really like this look. It's a collection of magazines of the same size and spine colour (white). They've been artfully arranged, stacked this way and that. Such a simple move, but it makes for an interesting arrangement. 

Nothing fussy here, just real good styling. I like. 

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  1. Totally agree - that evil/wonderful Homesense! Love the white magazines/bookcase.


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