Friday, May 31, 2013

Outdoor Bar Cart Round Up

Friday it is! Yay! I had hoped to get this up yesterday, but I ran into some technical difficulties. Gotta' love those. I showed you our deck plans the other day and mentioned that I'd like a bar cart/drink station/serving tray tucked into the one corner. I've been looking around and here's a round up of some really terrific bar cart options. Some of them are definitely on the pricey side, but others are more affordable. At any rate, it's nice to see what's out there. I'll keep my eyes peeled next time I'm in homesense. Not all of them were advertised as outdoor carts per se, but they are all made from materials that would hold up quite well in outdoor conditions.

1. Jill Bar Cart at Ballard Designs
2. Jacquelyne Cart at Pottery Barn
3. Palm White Lacquer Bar Cart at Worlds-Away
4. Glossy Black Cart at Black Rooster
5. Libations Bar Cart at Crate & Barrell
6. Thomas Pheasant Outdoor Bar Cart at McGuire Furniture

Here's another nice options if you're looking for some bright, cheery colour. Comes in 5 different colours. And I'm pretty sure I've seen this one at Homesense for waaaay less. The Hampton bar cart at Tonic Home (and other retailers).

And here's a terrific table on wheels option at IKEA. It's very affordable and would hold up well outdoors. The only drawback is that it's not bar cart height; it's more coffee table height, but maybe that's what you're looking for. Also comes in dark turquoise.

 Well, have yourself a most excellent weekend, friends. Thanks for stopping by!

UPDATE: Hollie of Pillotopia is clearing out all of her already made inventory in preparation for a relaunch August 1st. You can pick up a pillow or two (or three or four) at her etsy shop for 50% off. Use the coupon code CLEAROUT50 to get 50% off anything she has in stock. Run, don't walk. And you're welcome. 


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Front Step & Deck Plans

Hello, hello! We finally have the ball rolling as far as yard development goes. An estimate was done last night for top soil (it feels wrong to pay so much for dirt, but I guess it's a necessary first step). We're also having all of the weeds sprayed later this week. There are SO many of them. We have a nice field of yellow right now. My kids think it's great to go out and "pick flowers." That has to end soon though.

I got some flowers potted for the front step. The planters are from Costco. I'm curious to see how the flowers do. There are tall, spiky things, snap dragons and cascading vine type plants. Ha! I'm such a gardener. 

The door mat is from IKEA and only $16.99. It even stayed outside all winter and held up really well.

And here are my very rough drawings of the deck plans. As you can hopefully tell, there will be an upper and lower deck. The upper deck will mainly be for grilling, but I hope to squeeze in a chair or two with perhaps a small side table. We plan to get a dining table and chairs for the lower deck, and I'd like to find a small serving table or bar cart for that little nook between the stairs and the house. #1 is the basic plan and #2 has a few extras (mainly furniture layout) to it. I have to decide whether I want railing on the right side of the lower deck, or if we want to wrap the "one step down" around that side. Hmmm.

I'm leaning towards the Tuscany rail kit from RONA for the deck railings. Only the upper deck needs rails. I like how it's visually "light" so it doesn't obstruct your view out too much. I want a different end post and cap though. Something a little nicer if possible. 

I'm hoping we can finish the underside of the upper deck with something that looks half decent. Horizontal boards could do the trick. 

I'd also like a "wall" along the back of the house so you don't see the foundation from the lower deck. Since the lower deck is only about 1 foot off the ground we need to hide the foundation. Make sense? This idea but on a smaller scale. The wall would only need to be about 4 feet high in our case. Maybe we could hang a small wall fountain and some lanterns from it. Oh, the possibilities!

This is also a nice look, but it might be a lot of work to pull off. It's lattice from what I can tell but just a little more finished looking and probably more durable. Tacking up lattice can look kind of haphazard and it usually doesn't hold up well when kids are kicking around soccer balls in the yard.

I'll keep you posted as we start to get things done. I can't wait!



Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Birthday

Hi friends! I hope this finds you well. We had a full weekend celebrating this boy's 3rd birthday. I hosted a friend party for him on Saturday, and then we had a family get together on Sunday. We all had a pile of fun. He was maybe just a little excited. The smile says it all. I love this boy bunches, and I can hardly believe he's 3 years old!

Check out the amazing cake my mom had made for him. Coolio. He loved it and wouldn't let anyone near it for the first little while. Very protective of his Thomas. In the end, he did decide to share since it was the birthday cake and cake is to be eaten (even when it looks too amazing to touch).

The Saturday party was his first friend party. We decided to only invite boys his age and it all went well. I was impressed with how well they did. Unfortunately, I didn't get many pictures taken. Boo. I made these vanilla cupcakes (and the buttercream icing) for the party. Very yum and we just won't talk about how much butter was in them (wink).  

Terrific Weekend. Terrific Birthday Boy.

Things are in the works for our yard to get started soon. The deck will hopefully go up or at least start to go up this weekend. I really need to get the garden plot ready since the seeds I started indoors are way beyond the seed stage and rapidly outgrowing the small containers they're in. Hopefully I can share some of the yard plans with you later this week. 

Catch you later!


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pool Art

This warm, sunny weather is making me dream of days spent poolside. I've decided that I want some pool art in my house. Anything to make the summer last longer, right? A big photograph would be perfect. I really like this one, but I can't find the original source (insert sad face). Maybe I could recreate it. Anyone want to paint their nails red and take a dunk for me?

Here are some other good options that could work pretty well too.

I like the vintage vibe that many of these have. And I'm throwing this one in for fun. Here's something you don't see every day! Made me laugh.

So, pool art is good or at least some of it is. The above photograph may be an exception although there's something to be said for a little quirk in your home. And this pink reindeer fantasy delivers!


Image Sources: Unknown; Quentin De Briey; Lucy Snowe Photography; Sarah Kane; "The Dive" by Jill Illife; Lucy Snow Photography; David Hockney Paper Pool; via Pinterest

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bunk Beds Done Right

If bunk beds are a necessity, then this is the way to do them. Who knew that bunk beds could be, dare I say, stylish?! Maybe a shared room isn't all that bad. I especially like the idea of enclosing each bunk with a curtain. It seems to me the kids would love that - their own little fort or hideaway. Bunks with bang on style.

And look what I found through Restoration Hardware. I had never really looked through their baby/child section before, but they carry some really terrific stuff (of course). Bunk beds that are well designed with some nice detail. Not your average bunks.

I have been such a bad blogger lately. The summer tends to do that to me. Hope you don't mind my absence here and there. The sunshine & fresh air calls my name. 

We had friends over this morning. Here was our attempt at a group picture. Ha!

Catch you later!


Image Sources: Tory Burch; Lonny; Pinterest; Vogue


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Lighting Loves

Just a few lamps, pendants and chandys that have caught my eye recently. I'm still on the look out for table lamps for that sideboard of ours (since the foo dogs didn't work out), and A's room could use a new fixture, and I'm considering switching out the one in our room too. When we built the house we put in some temporary fixtures to help stay within budget and now those $16 clip lights need to go!

I would love these for the sideboard (at Lulu & Georgia). Unfortunately, they don't ship to Canada so it would be a hassle to get them. Boo. 

This fixture is unique and pretty. It reminds me of a murano glass fixture but looks a little like a sputnik too. Comes in various shapes and sizes. It's a possibility for the master bedroom, and I can get it locally (huge plus!).


Semi-Flush Mount

It has a similar look to those vintage, sputnik fixtures that are oh. so. pretty. BUT it's a fraction of the cost. This vintage beauty is well, beautiful but comes at a hefty price point. The one we're considering is much more affordable.

A few other finds that were good and still hanging out in the back of my mind. 

The orbit sputnik at ZGallerie

Sticks Chandelier at Black Rooster. It would be rad if it could somehow be gold though. 

I've always had a soft spot for the Meurice Chandelier by Jonathan Adler. So gorgeous. 

I realize none of these are really appropriate for A's room. The verdict is still out on that one. I'm thinking we might shuffle a few things around where she gets a fixture that we already have and then we get something new to fill the empty spot (probably in the front entrance). My hubby isn't really into that idea though. So, we shall see. 

I'm up for something simple and totally affordable like these dome pendants too. 

And I ponder.


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Some Days...

You just want to lay in bed and cuddle.

That lasts for a little while, and then this happens.  

A busy morning of outdoor fun with good friends tired us out. We got our second wind though. Tired is not an option for these two it seems. On to the next thing! 


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Walls with Gingham Style

Gingham. A charming print that adds instant cozy to any space. It reminds me of an English, country home. True traditionalists will plaster everything in it - walls, curtains, chairs, etc. I prefer a smaller dose. Gingham walls are particularly nice. An over sized buffalo check has a slightly more contemporary look. The smaller check works well in more traditional interiors. As you'll see, it can be used in a variety of spaces, everything from formal dining and living rooms to kid's rooms.

It's a good look and the perfect way to add a little country charm. L's room is going to have some gingham. I think it will work well in his slightly rustic, a little outdoorsy-themed room. (EMMIE RUTA duvet cover set at IKEA.)

Catch you later!


Image Sources: Elle Decor (#2, #5); Jamie Meares (#8); all others via Pinterest