Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Birthday

Hi friends! I hope this finds you well. We had a full weekend celebrating this boy's 3rd birthday. I hosted a friend party for him on Saturday, and then we had a family get together on Sunday. We all had a pile of fun. He was maybe just a little excited. The smile says it all. I love this boy bunches, and I can hardly believe he's 3 years old!

Check out the amazing cake my mom had made for him. Coolio. He loved it and wouldn't let anyone near it for the first little while. Very protective of his Thomas. In the end, he did decide to share since it was the birthday cake and cake is to be eaten (even when it looks too amazing to touch).

The Saturday party was his first friend party. We decided to only invite boys his age and it all went well. I was impressed with how well they did. Unfortunately, I didn't get many pictures taken. Boo. I made these vanilla cupcakes (and the buttercream icing) for the party. Very yum and we just won't talk about how much butter was in them (wink).  

Terrific Weekend. Terrific Birthday Boy.

Things are in the works for our yard to get started soon. The deck will hopefully go up or at least start to go up this weekend. I really need to get the garden plot ready since the seeds I started indoors are way beyond the seed stage and rapidly outgrowing the small containers they're in. Hopefully I can share some of the yard plans with you later this week. 

Catch you later!


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  1. Sarah, He looks just like you in his big smile picture! They grow up too quickly! I am so glad you are enjoying this time with your little ones.
    Best, Meredith


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