Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bunk Beds Done Right

If bunk beds are a necessity, then this is the way to do them. Who knew that bunk beds could be, dare I say, stylish?! Maybe a shared room isn't all that bad. I especially like the idea of enclosing each bunk with a curtain. It seems to me the kids would love that - their own little fort or hideaway. Bunks with bang on style.

And look what I found through Restoration Hardware. I had never really looked through their baby/child section before, but they carry some really terrific stuff (of course). Bunk beds that are well designed with some nice detail. Not your average bunks.

I have been such a bad blogger lately. The summer tends to do that to me. Hope you don't mind my absence here and there. The sunshine & fresh air calls my name. 

We had friends over this morning. Here was our attempt at a group picture. Ha!

Catch you later!


Image Sources: Tory Burch; Lonny; Pinterest; Vogue



  1. I wish my kids shared a room... they would go crazy for bunk beds! I love your group shot... too funny!

  2. Those are great Sarah. Maybe I'll reconsider my boys request if they could look that good!

  3. Thtaks for the stylish bunks, I have been thinking about them for my little guy.


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