Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Chinoiserie Mirrors

Mirrors I like. Chinoiserie inspired. Think faux (or real) bamboo and lots of wonderful, intricate detail. These are the kinds of mirrors that make a statement and function like a piece of art. They can hold their own against a busy wallpaper or steal the show against a solid background. Versatile and just plain gorgeous! Might be something to save your pennies for (because they'll cost you just a few). Or you can admire my round up below (*wink*). 

You can pick up this generously sized style at Shades of Light (38x23.5"). It's a beauty!

And with that I will bid you adieu along with some hugs & high fives.


Image Sources: Hutton Wilkinson in Harper's Bazaar; Mary McDonald; Barrie Benson; via pinterest; Kristen Hutchins Design

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  1. I am always so jealous of anyone that finds a chinoiserie mirror for cheap!


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