Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Deck Time

Hello, friends! I have to say I've fallen off the blog wagon lately. Now that spring is finally here (after nearly 7 months of winter), we're rather eager to be outdoors. We don't have anything but dirt to play in since the yard is undeveloped, but it's just nice to get out. I've been thinking through deck plans lately. Sketching up some ideas and gathering inspiration here and there. So far I'm thinking an upper and lower deck might be nice. The upper deck would be small, used mainly for grilling with perhaps a small bistro set or a lounge chair. The lower deck would be a little larger to accommodate an outdoor dining table and chairs. We don't want it to get too huge since that means lots of painting and staining etc.

I really like the idea of a pergola (see image above), but I think we'll save it for a patio area. And that will likely have to wait until next year.

Brother deck-builder extraordinaire is going to be coming out this weekend to have a look and work on the plans. We shall see how it all goes. I'm excited to get 'er done. At least we can hang out on the deck even if our yard is still just dirt and weeds. Hope to show you some plans soon! And then you'll for sure hear from my less around here. I'll be out on my deck sunning. 



  1. We adding a bit more to our deck right now and I'm not looking forward to the staining! I want it to be all done so we can just enjoy it all! Anxious to hear what your brother says.. isn't it great to have handy family?

  2. Need our deck's served us 25 years...quite long enough. I would like narrow mahogany decking, but also considering a recycled material. Right now we have vertical rail fencing...but I would like to do horizontal steel cables as 3 of my neighbors have done. we live on the coast and it is amazing how it opens up your view and gives a light open feeling.
    My favorite of your examples is the first one.


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