Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Front Step & Deck Plans

Hello, hello! We finally have the ball rolling as far as yard development goes. An estimate was done last night for top soil (it feels wrong to pay so much for dirt, but I guess it's a necessary first step). We're also having all of the weeds sprayed later this week. There are SO many of them. We have a nice field of yellow right now. My kids think it's great to go out and "pick flowers." That has to end soon though.

I got some flowers potted for the front step. The planters are from Costco. I'm curious to see how the flowers do. There are tall, spiky things, snap dragons and cascading vine type plants. Ha! I'm such a gardener. 

The door mat is from IKEA and only $16.99. It even stayed outside all winter and held up really well.

And here are my very rough drawings of the deck plans. As you can hopefully tell, there will be an upper and lower deck. The upper deck will mainly be for grilling, but I hope to squeeze in a chair or two with perhaps a small side table. We plan to get a dining table and chairs for the lower deck, and I'd like to find a small serving table or bar cart for that little nook between the stairs and the house. #1 is the basic plan and #2 has a few extras (mainly furniture layout) to it. I have to decide whether I want railing on the right side of the lower deck, or if we want to wrap the "one step down" around that side. Hmmm.

I'm leaning towards the Tuscany rail kit from RONA for the deck railings. Only the upper deck needs rails. I like how it's visually "light" so it doesn't obstruct your view out too much. I want a different end post and cap though. Something a little nicer if possible. 

I'm hoping we can finish the underside of the upper deck with something that looks half decent. Horizontal boards could do the trick. 

I'd also like a "wall" along the back of the house so you don't see the foundation from the lower deck. Since the lower deck is only about 1 foot off the ground we need to hide the foundation. Make sense? This idea but on a smaller scale. The wall would only need to be about 4 feet high in our case. Maybe we could hang a small wall fountain and some lanterns from it. Oh, the possibilities!

This is also a nice look, but it might be a lot of work to pull off. It's lattice from what I can tell but just a little more finished looking and probably more durable. Tacking up lattice can look kind of haphazard and it usually doesn't hold up well when kids are kicking around soccer balls in the yard.

I'll keep you posted as we start to get things done. I can't wait!




  1. Ilove the plans that you have and your inspiration of the horizontal wall is great. Someone in my neighbourhood has their entire fence like that I a stare at it every time I go by, I love it! Can't wait to see what you do!

  2. I like the lattice work in the last photo. Love your Costco planters. They go so well in the entry. Can't wait to see your progress.


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