Friday, May 10, 2013

Palm Beach Vacation, Anyone?

The Palm Beach vacation home of Sloan Mauran was featured in House & Home a while back. I like. It's beachy but not too themed. I love the contemporary and mid century vibe. That wonderful terracotta floor adds such patina, but the overall look is modern and sophisticated. 

So, I say we all pack our suitcases and head south. I'm sure Ms. Mauran could put us up for a few nights (ha!). I get the dining room! So what if there's no bed. I'd happily curl up beneath that rams head table for the night. Definitely my favourite room. The yard is a bit of a dream too.


Get that Palm Beach Look Mauran Style. Sculptural Lamp, graphic art, vintage-inspired chair, a rams head table, and textural, fur pillows to round things out. Ooolala.

1.  Painting by Brian K. Elston here
2. Brutalist Sculptural Lamp at 1st Dibs
3. Rams Head Coffee Table at 1st Dibs
4. Cameron Armchair at Worlds Away
5. Fur Pillows here

As an aside, I made some Holy Yum Chicken for supper the other night, and yes, it lived up to its name! It was really tasty. As the recipe says, it's mustardy so you have to like mustard. The flavour is strong - you don't want to load up on the sauce (just a little will do). I used chicken breasts and reduced the cooking time to 30 minutes. I would totally make it again. Tasty and moist and well, Holy Yum! 

And with that, it's weekend time. Bring it on!



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  1. Oh Sarah!!! How I love love love that terra cotta tile floor. I've seen it before but being reminded of it I just think where could I do a floor like that? Oh I LOVE it!
    And the dining chairs in the 4th picture down...just the right asian feel without banging you over the head! I once had the opportunity to have two authentic and elegant rosewood chairs from Hong Kong in a similar style but my husband trumped me and chose 2 that were very square and very ornate. They are beautiful but always a reminder of the ones I REALLY wanted. I probably remember them much more fondly than I might feel about them today ;-)


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