Tuesday, June 25, 2013

This & That

Hello, friends! Here's a little recap on my weekend. We had a really nice time celebrating our anniversary on Friday. In fact, the whole weekend was terrific. Let's see...

We ate here on Friday evening. All I'm going to say is, if you live in the Saskatoon area, you MUST try it. One of the best meals I've ever had. In case you can't read the sign, it's "Hole in the Wall Restaurant".

We sat in a private corner of the restaurant complete with our own iron gate! Very quaint (looking out from our nook). And the food was out of this world. You must eat here. Must.

Picked up this sweet little side table from homesense. It's identical to the one home outfitters carries and was a steal. It's a little beat up in places, but that's nothing a quick coat of spray paint can't fix. Yay for good finds.

I've more or less finished another painting. 8x8 size and mostly yellows, pink and blues. Dots and drips are things I like. 

(Had to hold it right up to the window for light. It's a little on the cloudy side today.)

Avery had a soccer tournament on Saturday which was great fun. The rain stayed away for all of her games, and then it poured. She's not exactly a star player, but she's getting the hang of it. She's all about the socializing. The kids are adorable at this age. 

Action Shot

James and I took in a show at the jazz festival Sunday evening. John Scofield and Uberjam. They were amazing. Loved it.

And the prettiest, most vibrant rainbow hung out behind our house Saturday afternoon. Of course the pictures don't do it justice. It was stunning.

I put together a guest post for Hollie today. It's 25 things you don't know about me. Read it here. Hollie is that super stylish gal who sews super stylish pillows.

I hope your weekend was filled with some good fun too! Until next time...


p.s. I need to stay away from homesense for a little while. 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Around the House

Hi, friends! I hope things are well with you. It's time for a little update on how things are going in my home. I feel like I haven't had much to share with you lately. I've been slack in getting things done. 

An impromptu trip to homesense yesterday landed me with mirrored side tables - something I've been wanting forever. AND they were such a good price. I haven't managed to get them home yet since they wouldn't fit in my car (need a minivan), but hopefully we can get them home this weekend. Eeeek! Fingers crossed that they look good on either side of our bed. 

They're really quite nice and I can't believe I paid less for them than the IKEA metallic tin foil dressers sell for. (I love IKEA, but these dressers look cheap in person. Not worth $300 in my opinion.)

This branch globe came home with me too. I'm hoping I can turn it into a light fixture for L's room. 

An edison bulb lighting kit like this could do the trick. (Thanks for the tip, Erica!) 

Fixture here

Hoping it will look something like this when all is said and done. 


My Leigh Viner print arrived and I like. Going to switch out the frame for something different down the road. This will do for now though. The colours are perfect for our room. 

There's a genuine Hudson Bay blanket at the foot of L's bed now thanks to my Grandma. It's in terrific shape considering it's been around for a while. Score! Getting these babies new will cost you just a little. 

And yellow curtains are going to happen in the dining room once I get motivated enough to start that sewing project. Goody. 

And well, here's me and my darlings. Just because.

Me and my man celebrate 7 years this weekend. He's taking tomorrow off so we can celebrate all day, yo! Can't wait.  

Catch you later!


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

On a Curve: Rounded Sofas

Rounded sofas. Not sure what I think of them. I guess I find them intriguing, but I would be unlikely to ever have one in my living room. They seem so trendy and I guess I think in straight lines a little more easily! I admire anyone who has the guts to use them though. Big pay off. Using a sofa like this is a bold move that requires other bold elements in the space for balance - graphic rugs, statement lighting, etc. This is one striking look that's very 70s glam.

Get the Look. 

1. Artwork by Nick Knight
2. Bubble Chandelier at Peridot
3. Pink Triangle Pillow at Zazzle
4. Draper Floor Lamp at Euro Style Lighting
5. Yellow Platner Chair at 1st Dibs
6. Channels Pillow by Kelly Wearstler
7. Milo Baughman Chrome and Velvet Sofa at 1st Dibs
8. Bates Iron Cocktail Table at Peridot
9. Rug at Warp & Weft

And with that I'll wish you a happy Tuesday and a "hope your week is going well!" 



Image Sources: via Pinterest; Elle Decor; Catherine Kwong (final image)

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Artist: Caroline Wright

I'm smitten with the work of Caroline Wright, an American artist who lived and worked in Paris for several years before returning to Austin (her hometown) where she currently resides. She's an active part of the art community there. Her work is primarily abstract with lots of bold colour and energy. Overall, it has a real contemporary vibe.

The "drip and line" painting are my favourites. Some of them are part of a migration series as well. (They were the first ones shown.) This last one is really pretty too. The "sky" is such a perfect mix of subtle colour. 

You can see more of Caroline's work here. She's certainly one talented and prolific lady. 

In other news, I found some fabric for our dining room and master bedroom windows. That means I'll be pulling the machine out soon to get those curtains done. I hope to hand paint some meandering lines on the panels for our bedroom, so I'll keep you posted on how that goes. That will be a bit of a time-consuming project but hopefully worth it. It would be awesome to get some lucite rods once we're ready to hang the panels. Like these. (Fingers crossed.)

At LuxHoldups

It's another rainy day here. Here's hoping the rain falls today and tomorrow and clears up for the weekend. Deck needs to happen!


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Room for the Fam Jam

At some far off distant date we will finish our basement. With yard costs piling up and up and up it will be some time before the downstairs gets done though. Our yard is bigger than we realized now that we're trying to plan decks and fences and gardens and flower beds etc. In the end it will be wonderful to have the space, but first up we need to plant a money tree to help fund the yard development. Anybody else need one of those? 

The future basement will have a family/tv room which I'm looking forward to. I want it to be completely kid friendly with a relaxed but contemporary vibe. Something along these lines would be just swell. 


Soderhamn Sofa and Chaise, IKEA
Besta TV storage, IKEA
Round, Marble Coffee Table at CB2
Eames Replica Chair, Inmod
Cube Pillow and Spikes Mirror at Black Rooster Decor
Souk Rug at West Elm
Art (Painting) by Meredith Pardue
Photograph by Leigh Viner
"Words" Art via Pinterest (I would try to DIY it.)

I'm sure to change my mind at least somewhat by the time we're ready to bring the space to life (real life), but it's fun to plan and have an idea of what direction I want to go.

I hope things are well with you and yours. It's a bit on the dreary side here today. Good day to curl up with some tea and a book or play-do and apple juice if you prefer. We've got both going on.




Thursday, June 6, 2013

Nursery Decor

If I had to decorate a nursery right about now (just for fun of course), these would be some of my top picks. I would go for a fairly neutral palette with bits of colour and of course some sparkle here and there.

I'm loving tassel garlands right now. They come in pretty much any and every colour. I especially like the ones that have some glitter to them. Tassels can be hung as a garland strand or grouped together to form a mobile above the crib. 

These fruity poufs at Rowen and Wren are super cute. Apple or pear?

I like the idea of using a console as the change table. Good surface area on top and fabulous storage below. 

Even better when you can score an industrial-style table like this one! 

And I've shown you these before, but Animal Print Shop photos would pretty much be a necessity!

And I'd go big on texture.

Kantha Stitch Throw
Dutch Diamond Berber Rug

This is cute and a tad funny. 

Stylish storage wouldn't hurt either. 

So anyway, it would be good. There's no shortage of terrific stuff out there.


Tassels: The Flair Exchange; Fleur Lux; Nursery via Pinterest
Console Change Table: via Traditional Home; Industrial Table at Black Rooster
Throw, Rug and Pillow at Black Rooster
Toy Storage at Land of Nod