Thursday, June 13, 2013

Artist: Caroline Wright

I'm smitten with the work of Caroline Wright, an American artist who lived and worked in Paris for several years before returning to Austin (her hometown) where she currently resides. She's an active part of the art community there. Her work is primarily abstract with lots of bold colour and energy. Overall, it has a real contemporary vibe.

The "drip and line" painting are my favourites. Some of them are part of a migration series as well. (They were the first ones shown.) This last one is really pretty too. The "sky" is such a perfect mix of subtle colour. 

You can see more of Caroline's work here. She's certainly one talented and prolific lady. 

In other news, I found some fabric for our dining room and master bedroom windows. That means I'll be pulling the machine out soon to get those curtains done. I hope to hand paint some meandering lines on the panels for our bedroom, so I'll keep you posted on how that goes. That will be a bit of a time-consuming project but hopefully worth it. It would be awesome to get some lucite rods once we're ready to hang the panels. Like these. (Fingers crossed.)

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It's another rainy day here. Here's hoping the rain falls today and tomorrow and clears up for the weekend. Deck needs to happen!



  1. Thanks for the artist intro, I am smitten with the drippy ones.

  2. Love painting #1 - the drip paintings look like colorful forests to me. Thanks for the info on Lucite rods - I'm slightly obsessed with Lucite and will keep those in mind!


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