Thursday, June 6, 2013

Nursery Decor

If I had to decorate a nursery right about now (just for fun of course), these would be some of my top picks. I would go for a fairly neutral palette with bits of colour and of course some sparkle here and there.

I'm loving tassel garlands right now. They come in pretty much any and every colour. I especially like the ones that have some glitter to them. Tassels can be hung as a garland strand or grouped together to form a mobile above the crib. 

These fruity poufs at Rowen and Wren are super cute. Apple or pear?

I like the idea of using a console as the change table. Good surface area on top and fabulous storage below. 

Even better when you can score an industrial-style table like this one! 

And I've shown you these before, but Animal Print Shop photos would pretty much be a necessity!

And I'd go big on texture.

Kantha Stitch Throw
Dutch Diamond Berber Rug

This is cute and a tad funny. 

Stylish storage wouldn't hurt either. 

So anyway, it would be good. There's no shortage of terrific stuff out there.


Tassels: The Flair Exchange; Fleur Lux; Nursery via Pinterest
Console Change Table: via Traditional Home; Industrial Table at Black Rooster
Throw, Rug and Pillow at Black Rooster
Toy Storage at Land of Nod


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