Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Our First Pets

Hi and how are you? I hope things are well with you and yours. Over the past few weeks we've been growing butterflies in our kitchen. We started out with 10 larvae and got to watch them eat and grow and then cocoon and eventually emerge as beautiful butterflies. We fed them and enjoyed seeing them flutter around in their little home. Yesterday we decided to release them though. They were cramped in their "house" and since they only have a 2-3 week life span, we felt they should be given the opportunity to see more than a little corner of our kitchen. Some of them took flight right away, but others (who were probably less developed) hung around so we got to hold them. Certainly a fun process to watch and be a part of.  

The "butterfly hotel"

(Excuse the bike helmets.)

You may be wondering what possessed me to do something like this. Well, it was actually a friend's idea, so all the credit should go to her. I believe she ordered the larvae through Boreal Science. The butterfly kit was big so we split it up between a few families and each got 10 larvae. All 10 of ours hatched, but one had already died when we went to release them yesterday. 

We've actually decided to home school our kids (or at least give it a try) so this was part of "school." To be honest, I feel kind of overwhelmed by the idea and worry that I'm going to mess up my kids! It would be awful to leave them with a huge hole in their knowledge. Being part of a community of homeschoolers will certainly help though, and I do love the idea of being able to pick and choose curriculum to tailor your child's education exactly to them. It doesn't have to be "one size fits all" which will hopefully make for a really great education experience for them. At any rate, I know I won't regret spending the time with them. They grow up so quickly. Homeschooling is not for everyone, and truth be told, we're still in the process of figuring out if it's for us! We think it's worth a try though.


p.s. Notice all of our nice, new dirt?! It's funny how exciting dirt can be. The yard already looks 10x better because all the weeds are now buried. Hopefully they stay buried.


  1. Wonderful project for your family and neat that they are sharing the same experience with your friends families.
    Sarah, you WON'T "mess up your kids". Just keep your eyes and ears open...at some point they may want/need the school environment...my youngest did and was sending me messages that he was dying for pre school earlier than I wanted to send him off. And it was the right time for the right little boy.
    Can't wait for more news and pics.
    Have a great week.

  2. Great butterfly project and learning experience! Good for you for trying the home schooling. It does cross my mind now and again. It seems that by grade 3, kids figure out how to be mean to their one time friends and it requires lots of pep talks to get thru it.


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