Wednesday, July 31, 2013

It Makes Perfect Sense...

I should have this ring on my finger. And I'm really ok if this is the closest I get to ever having to read an ECG. 

The ring would remind me of the person I am closest to who does read ECGs on a semi regular basis. A rather lovely way to remember him working away at the clinic all day.

(This might be my best attempt yet at talking my husband into buying me something, but let's keep that between you and me! Shhhh.)

Feeling a little facetious today.




  1. I had a friend who wanted earrings from a very nice jeweler. Her husband bought her inexpensive wine glasses for the house for her birthday. She politely explained to him that the glasses were for the house not for her. The next day she went to this jeweler, bought the earrings and had them gift wrapped in the jeweler's familiar gift wrap. That evening she set the table for dinner they were both busy in the kitchen getting dinner and when she could she slipped out quickly to the table and set the earrings on her plate, then back to the kitchen. She let him go to the table first and then made her entrance. She saw the tiny package and exclaimed to her husband "Oh my dear what have you done??? I love you, you are so romantic and so good to me! May I open it?" Her husband sat quietly smiling and nodding. Happy ending and it was always a story that made both of them smile...

  2. What a sweet way to remember your ECG-reader throughout the day ;)

  3. you are a wise and smart wife!...and have great taste!

  4. oh my goodness YES - I absolutely LOVE that ring. off to pin it. xo


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