Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ultimate AyA Party Kitchen

Hello, friends! Here's a little something I've been working at over the past few days; it's my entry for the BlogPodium Bound Contest (2013) courtesy of AyA Kitchens and Baths. Here are the details. 

Well, if we're going to talk ultimate party kitchen we must first discuss ultimate party location. For me, the ultimate party locale has surf, sun and sand waiting just beyond the patio doors. Actually, forget patio doors and bring in a nana wall that completely folds away, opening up the entire back of the house to the sights and sounds of the ocean. Let's imagine we're in a tropical paradise where the view looks something like this. 

Ok. Now we're talking. My kitchen in such a paradise would looks something like this. A prairie gal can dream, right? (Click on image to enlarge.)

Let's dissect it just a little:

1. Party means guests and open shelves are perfect for entertaining. Guests can easily grab whatever they need. (Image here.)

2. Statement lighting that's a little beachy, a little bohemian would be oh. so. perfect. (Carmen Chandelier by Made Goods, available through Peridot Decorative Homeware.)

3. An otherwise neutral palate is kept bright and cheery with some fabulous art. (Art by Kim Johnston.)

4. Fresh flowers add just a bit more colour. (Image here.)

5. Beachy accessories are a reminder of what awaits us if we but only step outdoors. (Clam Shell through Cyan Design.)

6, 7. The gorgeously detailed base of the Jonathan Adler Nixon table is complemented by the simple lines of parson dining chairs. (Parson Dining Chair through Ballard Designs.)

8. A vintage rug pulled up to the sink provides a little softness underfoot and echoes the artwork colours beautifully. Its worn look is a nice contrast to the sleek, contemporary lines of the cabinets, giving the kitchen a welcoming, "lived in" look. (Rug here.)

9-13. Here's where the main components of the kitchen are pulled together. Kelly Deck's AyA kitchen design for last year's IDS West (9) was a big inspiration. To "get the look" I chose AyA's Tribeca Ariss Finish Door (10). Gold calcutta marble (11) would be the perfect countertop material. Imagine an oversized island with wonderful waterfall counters. Brass finish accessories like the Delta Trinsic Faucet (12) and the Richelieu pull (13) keep the look warm and glamorous.

14. Set a long row of these sculptural swivel bar stools at the island and get the party started! (Swivel Bar Stool through Black Rooster Decor.)

Ok. Now let's talk food. Good Food = Good Party. Here's one recipe that's sure to be a crowd pleaser, and it ties in rather nicely with our tropical, beachy theme. I will eat curried coconut fried shrimp all night. 

These shrimp are unbelievably good. I wish I could take credit for this culinary masterpiece, but alas, the recipe is not mine. The genius belongs to Shawn of I Wash, You Dry. Shawn, my taste buds thank you, my waistline does not. Waistlines are overrated... "Pass the shrimp!" Recipe here

So, there you have it. An ultimate party kitchen and a chance to win an ultimate kind of prize... a blogger's weekend away! Me time is always hard to come by for us mommies. A big thank you to AyA for the chance to enter their draw (and hopefully win). Visit them here.



  1. I love the kitchen you created, I hope you win & then we can finally meet in person! Good Luck. {}

  2. awesome board and backstory Sarah! I love the pops of pink and coconut shrimp?! umm yes please. xo

  3. Oooh I love the backdrop. Especially in January ;) I've been eyeing that Jonathan Adler table too. Hope to meet you in Toronto. (Meredith @ Newberry Sykes) :)


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