Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wear It: Summer Colour

Hello, friends! Somehow I've managed to come up with another fashion-y post for today. I don't consider myself much of a fashionista, but it is true how fashion and interior design are closely linked. One can certainly inspire the other. Details from one can be seen in the other, only re imagined and reinvented. A fabulous floral skirt by Alice + Olivia was the starting point for this particular summer ensemble. It's definitely one of those show-stopper pieces that needs very little accessorizing. It's so good all on its own in a Vavoom! sort of way. The colours are stunning. I've paired it with some simple black and gold.

Hair like this would be perfect to help complete the look.

And for a little sparkle, these pretty earrings would be just right.


Pleated Floral Jungle Maxi Skirt, Alice + Olivia
Black Tank here
Basket Weave Gold Pendant Necklace here
Essie Raspberry Polish
Stella McCartney Plexi Tortoise Shell Clutch
Rachel Zoe Sandal here
Hair here
Earrings here

With that I will wish you adieu. Thanks for the visit, and I hope to catch up with you later this week. Swimming lessons are in full swing around here which has been fun. My girl is not exactly a fish, but we're getting there. I hope things are well with you and yours.




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