Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Where to Begin

Why, hello there! It's your blogging friend who has been rather absent the past few weeks. Life has continued to clip along though. Probably the biggest bit of personal news is that I may have turned 30 recently (although I'm considering getting stuck at 29). I had a lovely birthday weekend. Gosh, I'm blessed. Also, we got our sod laid a week ago now. We have grass... in a big way! We're talking almost 5,000 square feet of it. Yep, our backs were a little sore the next day. And of course this past week has been mucho hot, so I have a full time job just keeping the grass alive. Thankfully today is a little cooler and we've even had a bit of rain. So, I will sit at the computer and say hello to you. It's going to get random from here. 

These pillows are on their way to me courtesy of Arianna Belle. Going to be good. 

They will go perfectly with the Amrapali (Designers Guild) pillows I'm having made for our sofa. (I played it safe and ordered a sample of the above to be sure.)

Originally I had my eye on the city maze fabric by Caitlin Wilson, but the pink just wasn't the right shade. Again, samples are a good thing.

Now we're thinking of recovering that antique chair (the hand me down from James' grandparents) in the leftover Amrapali. Here's a reminder of what that chair looks like. 

And here's a look at the Amrapali fabric on a similar type of chair. I think it could be real pretty.

This console would be most excellent in our entry. Going to try hard to get my hands on it (at West Elm). 

I really need to organize my laundry room... STAT! It's a major mess and has been for far too long. Here are a few things I have my eye on to spruce it up a little. 

Ironing Board Cover here.

Maybe some vintage inspired art prints (here). 

Or a photograph like this (here).

I also need to hang up some shelving and maybe a rod or two for drying clothes. Going to tackle that project soon.

And speaking of photography, I dream of owning some of Gray Malin's work. The beach/pool shots are stunning and they somehow have a real chic vibe. Some of the subjects are perfectly quirky too. Two llamas wrapped in balloons?? Why not?!

And let me ask you what you think of this wallpaper. I quite like it. To me it's stylish, but to my husband it screams dalmatian! What say you?

I'm also in the process of reworking our master bedroom plan. It's getting tweaked just a little. Hoping to share that with you soon. I do know I want to incorporate this light fixture though. Isn't it amazing?!!!

And last but certainly not least... these two. We've been having such a fun summer. Love 'em.

So, I haven't actually done much in my home the last little while, but that doesn't mean I haven't been dreaming and planning. I can never stop doing that it seems!

Thanks for the visit! Hugs all around.



  1. Not dalmation! Young, Fresh, Cool! Where ARE you using it? The scale of the fabric print might overwhelm your chair...but maybe just the right bit of the print in the right place? Love the console and that beach shot. YOU GOT GRASS!!!! Congrats! Hugs right back at you and those kids! Keep bloggin' you pick me up on a crummy day...THANKS! Ronda

  2. dalamtion balmation...who says ..ITS fabulous!
    My heart just about stopped when I saw the Floral fabric...stunning!


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