Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Family Photos: What to Wear

Hi all! I hope this finds you well. So much for getting back into blogging routine. Pfffttt. I feel like every time I pop in to say hello I'm throwing out an apology for M.I.A. too. Such is life I guess. 

We had some family photos taken yesterday afternoon. The uber talented Wilna Furstenberg of iheart photos was our photographer. We had pictures taken with her two years ago, and I didn't realize at the time, but we were her first "real" clients! Fast forward 2 years and her photography work has taken off! She's busy busy. I'm not at all surprised because she's terrific at what she does. 

Coming up with an ensemble of clothes for the four of us has of course occupied my mind just a little the past few days. In the end we kept it pretty simple and went with neutrals: black, blue (jeans) and brown mainly. Here's a look. 

1. Little Miss wore the cutest polka dot, peplum top paired with legging jeans and brown, bow boots. 

2. Little Mister wore kakis with a classic collared shirt and grey sweater (I love the navy patch on the sweater's elbows). 

3. The Mrs. (that's me) pulled together a black, mohair sweater, skinny jeans, black ballet flats and a gold pendant necklace for just a little sparkle. 

4. The Mr. sported a cowl neck cardigan on top and slim fit jeans on the bottom. 

Sometimes it's hard to come up with an ensemble that looks coordinated but not too matchy. It definitely makes it easier when you keep things simple, and I tend to prefer that look anyway. 

AND here's a sneak peek at some of the pictures. These are the only ones we've seen so far. Can't wait for more! 

Happy, Happy.


p.s. A big thank you for your kind words/encouragement as I embark on the "student again" journey. You're all so sweet and rather awesome. Hugs.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Student Again

Someone happens to be just a little excited (and a whole lot nervous) around here. Today marks the beginning of a new adventure for me. I've enrolled in an art & design certificate program at the U of S (local university), and my first class starts tonight! Eeek! I've got my supplies together, and here's hoping I do alright. There will be assignments along the way, so perhaps I'll be able to share those with you (if they're worth sharing). 

I'm looking forward to learning again and having some official "know how" when it comes to drawing and painting in particular. The classes are geared to mature students and seem to be learner driven in many ways. They really work to accommodate you and your learning objectives. I'm most excited about getting some feedback from professionals and having extra motivation to complete projects/assignments.

Of course I needed a stylish book bag to carry around. This scallop edge tote from ASOS fit the bill. 

Here's to trying new things even if they scare you silly.

Hugs & High Fives,



Friday, September 13, 2013

Around the House

Hello and Happy Friday! It's a gorgeous day in my corner of the world. Hard to believe there are only a handful of these kinds of days left as summer slips away and fall creeps in. *sigh*

Things have been moving at a snail's pace around the house lately. I really haven't done much of anything for a while. I did manage to finally get some pillows in place in the living room though. They came from Arianna Belle. There are more pillows to add, but this is a good start. (The white IKEA chair will be switched out down the road.)

Notice that brass table lamp behind the sofa? I found a pair of brass beauties at a local thrift shop for $8 each! Not bad, eh? The only catch is that I need to find new shades. The original shades were ick. And yes, I know I said I'd never buy shadeless lamps again (after that foo dog lamp fiasco), but these were just too good to pass up. I figure even if I do have to have shades custom made (and pay the high price for them), the bargain price of the lamps themselves will help offset that.

I've also been rethinking our master bedroom a little. Here are some pieces I've got my eye on. 

This burlap bed is kind of cool. The curvy headboard is fun and a little quirky. The burlap fabric would add some wonderful texture and would also be a nice contrast to some of the "finer" fabrics (silk and taffeta) that will happen in the room. Not everything can be lux, right? We need some more rustic/imperfect elements to balance all the pretty.

The trillion semi flush-mount fixture is killer, and would be SO. GOOD. I know I've shown it to you before, but it's worth looking at again.

I'm still a little undecided on this one, but the delta lamp by Robert Abbey could work well as bedside lighting (and it's pretty affordable). 

I still really want a moroccan wedding blanket at the foot of the bed. 

And I've finally decided on two 20x20 pillows for the bed, done in silk capucheen (by designers guild). They'll look something like this (floral pillows).

So, I guess that's where things are at right now. Hopefully I can start to get more done indoors once it's not as nice to be outdoors. I'm itching to get things done!

Have yourself a fabulous kind of weekend! 



Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Problem with Slacking Off

When you slack off and neglect your blog for weeks on end it feels overwhelming to pull something together; there's just so much to share! I simply don't know where to begin. We did enjoy one last summer getaway with a trip to Vancouver Island last week. The island is always a perfectly lovely place to be. We stayed near Parksville (flew in and out of Nanaimo) right on the water. Snapshots of our week.  

Let's Go Fly a Kite

Englishman River Falls

Oh, Canada


S+J (that's us)

The Sea

I love this place. And with our last summer vacation behind us, it's time to swing into fall mode. We started our first day of "school" yesterday. Avery is in Kindergarten and Luke will be doing some Pre-K stuff. We're all excited to start - hopefully that momentum keeps up going for a while. Some crafts from the first day at it. 

Kid art is the best kind of art. 

In other exciting news, this little man won the grand prize through our small town's summer reading program. He won a plane ride! (Making him sit through all those books paid off. Ha!) 


With that I'll sign off but hopefully swinging into fall mode means a few more blog posts around here! I need routine. Hugs.