Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Family Photos: What to Wear

Hi all! I hope this finds you well. So much for getting back into blogging routine. Pfffttt. I feel like every time I pop in to say hello I'm throwing out an apology for M.I.A. too. Such is life I guess. 

We had some family photos taken yesterday afternoon. The uber talented Wilna Furstenberg of iheart photos was our photographer. We had pictures taken with her two years ago, and I didn't realize at the time, but we were her first "real" clients! Fast forward 2 years and her photography work has taken off! She's busy busy. I'm not at all surprised because she's terrific at what she does. 

Coming up with an ensemble of clothes for the four of us has of course occupied my mind just a little the past few days. In the end we kept it pretty simple and went with neutrals: black, blue (jeans) and brown mainly. Here's a look. 

1. Little Miss wore the cutest polka dot, peplum top paired with legging jeans and brown, bow boots. 

2. Little Mister wore kakis with a classic collared shirt and grey sweater (I love the navy patch on the sweater's elbows). 

3. The Mrs. (that's me) pulled together a black, mohair sweater, skinny jeans, black ballet flats and a gold pendant necklace for just a little sparkle. 

4. The Mr. sported a cowl neck cardigan on top and slim fit jeans on the bottom. 

Sometimes it's hard to come up with an ensemble that looks coordinated but not too matchy. It definitely makes it easier when you keep things simple, and I tend to prefer that look anyway. 

AND here's a sneak peek at some of the pictures. These are the only ones we've seen so far. Can't wait for more! 

Happy, Happy.


p.s. A big thank you for your kind words/encouragement as I embark on the "student again" journey. You're all so sweet and rather awesome. Hugs.


  1. Love Avery's top! Beautiful family photos! Especially love the bottom two in the far left column.

  2. These are beautiful pictures of a beautiful family!
    We love you so much! Thanks for sharing.
    Mom and Dad Mac


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