Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Problem with Slacking Off

When you slack off and neglect your blog for weeks on end it feels overwhelming to pull something together; there's just so much to share! I simply don't know where to begin. We did enjoy one last summer getaway with a trip to Vancouver Island last week. The island is always a perfectly lovely place to be. We stayed near Parksville (flew in and out of Nanaimo) right on the water. Snapshots of our week.  

Let's Go Fly a Kite

Englishman River Falls

Oh, Canada


S+J (that's us)

The Sea

I love this place. And with our last summer vacation behind us, it's time to swing into fall mode. We started our first day of "school" yesterday. Avery is in Kindergarten and Luke will be doing some Pre-K stuff. We're all excited to start - hopefully that momentum keeps up going for a while. Some crafts from the first day at it. 

Kid art is the best kind of art. 

In other exciting news, this little man won the grand prize through our small town's summer reading program. He won a plane ride! (Making him sit through all those books paid off. Ha!) 


With that I'll sign off but hopefully swinging into fall mode means a few more blog posts around here! I need routine. Hugs.



  1. Loved all of the pictures. Luke is looking so grown up and I can't believe Avery is starting Kindergarten! It's crazy to think that she was around Norah's age when we met you guys. We will have to find time for a play date soon!

  2. Ah Ha there you are Miss Sarah! Missed you.


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