Thursday, October 17, 2013

Curtain Rods en Route & Some Extras

When we were in Boston we set out to find a West Elm one day. Of course it was a loong walk and of course we got lost and of course it poured rain. Bleh. We did get to our destination eventually only to find that the things I wanted to see weren't there! Boo. I had hoped to see their brass curtain rods and the geo console. Neither were at the store, and it looks like the geo console has been discontinued altogether. [*Insert pouty face*] The store had some nice things of course, but the things I was looking for were no where to be found. Sigh. 

I just can't wait any longer for curtain rods, so I ended up going with these brass rods from Restoration Hardware. They're very similar to the ones from West Elm, less expensive (with the sale), they come in more sizes, and they ship to Canada. SOLD. I ordered them (larger size) the other day and they should arrive sometime next week. Then I can get sewing!

This art print is on it's way for A's room. So cute, right?

And I found this terrific etsy store called Snake Head Vintage that sells lighting parts for you to create your own fixtures or you can pick up parts to fix old, vintage lamps. We've ordered what we'll need to turn that driftwood ball into a light fixture for L's room. This one...

And we'll put an Edison bulb inside. Yay! One more project to cross off the list. 

And then I hope to order some of these agate slabs to frame in shadow boxes. I'm thinking 5 or 6 of them to hang above the handrail going downstairs. Should be good. via Landi Designs

The weather has cooled off. We're stuck indoors more. And I'm itching to get stuff done. 

Oh, and here's what I'm hoping to make for Halloween costumes. Should be cute and hopefully not too home-made looking. At any rate, it's easy and cheap.

via Oh Happy Day

Cheers! (And this is my 3rd post this week. #feelingaccomplished  Yes, I can use hashtags in a blog post.)


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