Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Meredith Pardue's Home (An Artist at Home)

Time for a lovely house tour, friends. This particular abode belongs to Austin-based artist, Meredith Pardue.  I really love her work and have featured her art on my blog before. Now I get to show you her fantastic home. I think my favourite room is the dining area where she has an oversized piece of art hanging. The colours are beautiful, and it seems to have so much texture and dimension to it. The organic shapes are particularly interesting too. The overall look of her home is relaxed and a little beachy with loads of white (love). She's mixed together a nice variety of styles - pieces both old and new. It's real good. 

Anyway, see for yourself! 

That Art! 

I pulled all of the images from the recent issue of Bungalow Magazine. Read the article here and see more (and better quality) pictures too. 

I'm quite smitten with this charming home and what I wouldn't give to be able to paint like her! 



Monday, January 20, 2014

So, It's Been A While...

Hello, friends! It's me - your long lost blogger friend. I don't totally know what happened. I didn't intend to take so much time off, but I think the break was good for me. Part of the reason I failed to sit down to blog was largely because I had been feeling pretty icky the past few months. There's a good little reason for the "ick" though. 

Yep, I've been keeping a secret, but I really can't hide it anymore. Baby is due mid-June and I'm finally starting to feel better. We've nearly arrived at the halfway point, and it's time to start making preparations (and most definitely time to share the news)! Of course I have nursery plans on the brain. The bonus room upstairs that now functions as an office/play room/catch-all room needs to undergo a bit of a transformation. Here are some spaces that are inspiring me to give you an idea of what direction I'm heading. Gravitating towards neutrals (even though we will try to find out baby's gender).  

The two older kiddos are pretty pumped to have a new little baby on the way. And the prospect of upgrading to a mini van also has them excited. For some reason they think mini vans are SO cool. (Just wait until they're 16 and learning to drive in mom's mini van - not so cool then!) 

It feels good to get back to the blog. Hopefully I can get into a somewhat regular schedule. A big thank you to those who sent me e-mails to ask if I was ok and see if I was going to get back at it. That was really kind of you and provided that extra push I needed to start up again. Smooches.

So, Happy New Year from me to you, and here's hoping we can see more of each other again! 



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