Thursday, March 27, 2014

Maxi Skirts for Spring

Blowy, flowy, fun & feminine maxi skirts. I want me one. Maybe it can be my reward/finally I have more clothing options carrot at the end of this pregnancy thing. Skirts vs. dresses will be winning out for me this spring and summer due to the fact that I'll likely be nursing full time. Here are some of my favourites.



This pleated black one is a steal at $20 right now. See it here.  

Pair these types of skirts with a classic chambray top like this one

Or maybe something on the lighter side when the heat of summer really finally hits. This crossover tank is rather lovely. 

And while we're on the topic, here are some other fashion picks for spring. This whole ensemble from GAP caught my eye. 

This statement necklace just might sneak its way into my collection. Just the perfect mix of funky & pretty. 

I just can't wait to dig out my sandals come summer. I ended up getting these way back in February for our Hawaii trip and look forward to slipping my feet into them again. 

And this peachy pink from essie is the perfect shade for summer toes. (Did you know you can get essie polish at superstore? I was pleasantly surprised when I was there the other day.)

Are you eyeing some new duds for spring (and summer) this year? Those warmer temperatures cannot get here soon enough.


Monday, March 10, 2014

Little People Art in Big People Spaces

The kids did some painting yesterday afternoon. I'm hoping we can hang a few of their "works" in baby girl's nursery. Nothing like a little personal touch from the big brother and sister, right? Here's what we can came up with. I say "we" because I made a few finishing touches here and there for composition sake. It's mostly their own work though. 

Kid art doesn't have to be relegated to kid spaces though. When properly displayed, in can be pretty darn chic in almost any space. You may be surprised how seamlessly in can fit into the most "grown up" spaces. Here's a fun round up of some fantastic little people art. 

So, let your little artist(s) at it. The one thing about kids is they're not afraid to just go for it, and you just might be lucky enough to come away with some wall-worthy pieces. 

Have a good start to your week, friends. It's finally warming up in my part of the world. Melt snow, melt! 

Hugs all around. 


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Five Fine Favourites

Here are 5 things that are part of my almost daily routine that I just like having around and putting to use. I was going to say I can't live without them, but of course that's not exactly true. They are far from essentials, but they have become useful little luxuries that I find myself going back to again and again. 

1. Davidoff perfume. I try other scents but always end up coming back to this favourite. It's the perfect scent for everyday wear - light, fresh and pretty. 

2. Professional Flat Iron. Spend the money and get the good kind (purchase through your hairstylist). They work much better than the cheap drugstore brands, and they'll last much longer. 

3. GAP jeans. I always find a good fit and they hold up well. It seems they often have some kind of promotion on where you can save cash too. 

4. My Eileen Bodum. She's pretty and she makes a mean cup of coffee.

5. Joy of Cooking - the Bible of all cookbooks. Buy it. It's quite comprehensive and every recipe I've tried has been tasty.

So there you have it, a few of my favourite things. Day to day kinds of things that add just a little bit of "special" to my lifestyle. I'm sure you have your favourites too. Do tell...