Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Five Fine Favourites

Here are 5 things that are part of my almost daily routine that I just like having around and putting to use. I was going to say I can't live without them, but of course that's not exactly true. They are far from essentials, but they have become useful little luxuries that I find myself going back to again and again. 

1. Davidoff perfume. I try other scents but always end up coming back to this favourite. It's the perfect scent for everyday wear - light, fresh and pretty. 

2. Professional Flat Iron. Spend the money and get the good kind (purchase through your hairstylist). They work much better than the cheap drugstore brands, and they'll last much longer. 

3. GAP jeans. I always find a good fit and they hold up well. It seems they often have some kind of promotion on where you can save cash too. 

4. My Eileen Bodum. She's pretty and she makes a mean cup of coffee.

5. Joy of Cooking - the Bible of all cookbooks. Buy it. It's quite comprehensive and every recipe I've tried has been tasty.

So there you have it, a few of my favourite things. Day to day kinds of things that add just a little bit of "special" to my lifestyle. I'm sure you have your favourites too. Do tell...


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  1. I suppose we have a few of the same favorites, I love my 'cool water' by Davidoff perfume, have been wearing it for 10 years! But lately have found myself using another fav.- Clinique 'happy,' it reminds me of spring I suppose! Also have been hooked on gaps jeans since our new outlet store opened in the city, and my everyday must haves are my professional hot iron, 'big sexy' brand of finishing spray for my hair, my Keurig! Perfect cup of coffee when I have no one to make for me the perfect cup from their pretty coffee press ;) .....hehe, and on a more spiritual note my favorite book to come back to (other than the Bible) is Author Elizabeth George's 'A woman after Gods on heart'. Its full of wisdom & advice for my life that I read daily, its so dog eared and coffee stained ha!

    A fun post Sarah!


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