Monday, March 10, 2014

Little People Art in Big People Spaces

The kids did some painting yesterday afternoon. I'm hoping we can hang a few of their "works" in baby girl's nursery. Nothing like a little personal touch from the big brother and sister, right? Here's what we can came up with. I say "we" because I made a few finishing touches here and there for composition sake. It's mostly their own work though. 

Kid art doesn't have to be relegated to kid spaces though. When properly displayed, in can be pretty darn chic in almost any space. You may be surprised how seamlessly in can fit into the most "grown up" spaces. Here's a fun round up of some fantastic little people art. 

So, let your little artist(s) at it. The one thing about kids is they're not afraid to just go for it, and you just might be lucky enough to come away with some wall-worthy pieces. 

Have a good start to your week, friends. It's finally warming up in my part of the world. Melt snow, melt! 

Hugs all around. 


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