Tuesday, May 27, 2014

This & That

So, life has been busy lately. My "get stuff done before baby" list is long and as I stroke one thing off I seem to add several more! I don't even know where to start so let me throw a whack load of pictures at you and you'll get the general idea. 

I'm pregnant in a big way. We're so close, baby! (And my arms aren't long enough for a prego selfie at this stage.)

The nursery is a disaster zone right now, but here's at least a little look to let you know what's going down. It's about time I showed you something, right? (Sorry for the poor iphone photo.)

Also time for an "around the house" update. Little by little she's getting done. I haven't been completely idle as you'll see. 

We finally got around to recovering our dining room chairs with that fabulous, hand-painted fabric from Hollie. Ultimately, we may still spray lacquer the table and chairs, but for now we're sticking to simple re upholstery and let me tell you, it makes a HUGE difference! 

I got those yellow curtains sewn too (again, a big finally could be thrown in there). The second picture shows the true colour of the curtains better. 

This chair moved into the corner of our living room replacing the old IKEA one. Picked 'er up at homesense for a song. 

Another chair to move in. This one is pulled up to the dressing table in the Master Bedroom. This was a great second hand find for $65! (Gotta love a good deal.)

And those pillow covers in the designers guild fabrics are finally done too. Some for the living room; the others for the master bedroom. Such gorgeous fabrics/prints. Oh, and I found shades for my vintage, $8 brass lamps (as you can see on the sideboard behind the sofa). Yay! 

L's room has been zhushed just a little. Mostly just some things up on the walls. I'm really liking his room. 

And we've even started finishing our basement! (Details to come on that.) There's nothing really to show you yet, although I've been keeping a secret board on pinterest and it's gone public now. If you're curious to see my collection of ideas and inspiration go here

Outdoor furniture is a welcome addition to my deck. Planning on spending a lot of lounge time out here this summer. Hopefully baby likes to lounge too. (Cabana sectional at Canadian Tire.)

Thinking of throwing a few of these pillows in the mix for some fun colour and extra comfort. (Both at CB2.) 

I've finished my first year as an art student (USCAD) and I'm loving it! Look what I painted recently. Isn't it cheery? I was even willing to frame it and hang it in my daughter's room (the potted flowers in the white frame). Sorry it's not a real close up, but you get the idea. You can click on the image to enlarge too. Hopefully more painting to come.

Oh, and soccer has started. Shin pads in this teeny size are just about the cutest things. 

That sweet boy just turned 4 yesterday. I can't believe it! Of course we had a full weekend of partying, and I'm all worn out in my 9-month-pregnant state. Enjoying cupcakes with friends...  

This is my go to vanilla cupcake recipe if you're interested. It's real good. Perfect for kids and adults alike. 

Sorry to be so scatter brained. It's just the way things are around here right now. Thanks for sticking with me and I do hope things are well with you and yours. Hugs.