Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A Bit of Summer Style

I've fallen kind of hard for this gorgeous ikat skirt. The colours are amazing, don't you think? I want to live in this all summer long. I'd pair it with a casual, grey t-shirt and a bit of sparkle here and there. The rattan purse, complete with fun, cheery pom poms is the perfect little sidekick too. 

Here's where to find all this goodness:

1. Shabby Apple Ikat Skirt (also available in a different colourway)

5. Mackenna Stripe Wedge, Tory Burch

6. Rattan Tote, Tory Burch

Let me get my body back just a little, and I think I'll be adding this skirt to my collection. Time to embrace summer colour while it's here, right? It's a season that comes and goes all too quickly (especially in this part of the world). 

On a personal note, things are going well with baby. She's growing like crazy and she'll be 1 month come Saturday! Slow down, time. The talented Wilna is coming to take some newborn photos tomorrow so I'm excited about that. I look forward to showing off my new little bundle. 

I hope things are well with you and yours. Hugs.