Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Basement Plans

Just beyond that plastic is the drywall dust zone, BUT that means we have walls, folks! Our basement development is in full swing and just around the corner of this dusty, messy stage is painting and all the finishing work. In other words, the fun part! 

So, it's high time I showed you some details of what's going down. (I've been pinning stuff like crazy, so you may have caught a look at some of the basement plans there.) 

This laminate in all it's rustic-looking goodness should arrive this week. It's a light colour and pretty beat up looking with a dull finish. I'm counting on never having to clean it! (Shhh.)

We have some black, hex tiles happening in the bathroom. It should turn out something like this in the end. Dark tile with a light grout. (image via decorpad)

A pair of these sculptural, midcentury-inspired sconces for the family room. Eeek! (image via Bijou & Boheme)

This leather sofa from Restoration Hardware (the colour and vintage style is SO good). 

And probably my favourite find so far is this rad, vintage chair that I picked up for a song. It will be covered in a smashing, chartreuse velvet. 

And another idea I'm kind of excited about is doing an oversized mirror on the wall above the sofa and framing it/zhushing it up with some decorative molding etc. Inspired by this. (via Elle Decor)

I'd love to pull together a few mood boards to give more details but haven't the time right now. Our garden did VERY well, and I'm still processing tomatoes and such. There's nothing like garden produce though. Yum. 

I miss regular blogging, but life is too busy right now to fit it in. Until next time...


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