Sunday, November 23, 2014

That Basement of Mine

Hello, friends. We ended up having our first "snowed in" day today, so I managed to get a few extras done. It seems I only have time and energy for the basics most other days. Baby is finally starting to sleep better now too, so I'm feeling human again. I had real deal insomnia for a while there which was awful. My sympathy for those who suffer from such sleep troubles on a regular basis. It's NO fun. 

Ok. So here's a a little look at the basement. By "little" I do mean little. Hope to do a full reveal, all styled and spiffed up in the future. 

On a personal note, the hubs and I (along with baby) had a week away to Montreal and Quebec City recently. It was pretty terrific. Such a beautiful part of the country. We honeymooned in Quebec 8 years ago so it was special to be back. 

Oh, and I'm rocking my Movember 'stache these days (baked fresh at Paillard, Quebec). Beat this one, boys.

We're gearing up for Christmas around here; it sure snuck up on me this year! Anyone else??

Catch you later, 


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