Friday, December 12, 2014

Just in time for Party Season

If I had a fancy-pants Christmas or New Year's Party to go to, I'd hope to wear something along these lines. Of course I live in a small, farming town and fancy just doesn't happen all that often. A Christmas party in these here parts is more likely to involve curling at the rink followed by a potluck dinner - jeans will do just fine. 

I do happen to like pretty and a little-on-the-fancy-side things however, so here's my fashion fantasy. Thanks for humouring me.

In case you wondered, I do love the simplicity of small town life, and the people are fabulous. In the end it's not about of the moment fashion anyway no matter where you live. I just have to relish the times I do get to be fancy-pants because they are few and far between. 

I hope your Christmas prep is going well. I'm about 98% done my shopping which is a good feeling. Now to find the time to wrap and do some more baking. If I don't manage to get back to the blog before the 25th, have an enjoyable holiday season and a happy new year! 



Sources: Etta Linear Blush Earrings at Chico's; T. Babaton Silk Blouse; Blue Organza Skirt at Chicwish; Essie Polish; Moorea Seal Goat Fur Clutch; Kate Spade Bow Heels; Boufant Hair via Pinterest

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