Thursday, February 26, 2015

Basement Built Ins (A DIY of Sorts)

Hello, hello! Here's a DIY kind of project I thought you might be interested in. We're talking about some serious book storage happening in our newly finished basement. Drywall built ins with rustic, wood shelves. 

When we started work on our basement I knew we needed to make room for my husband's ever growing book collection. We opted to create two "built ins" in the family room to flank his office door. (He didn't really have room for all the books in his office - it's not a big room.) 

I was inspired by Lauren Liess' library in her family home.

And found this tutorial by The Wood Grain Cottage to be helpful as well. 

Here's a look at our process. It's pretty self explanatory so I won't get into too many details. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves if you're ok with that.  

Sorry for the poor iphone photos. 

We ended up using MDF strips painted white (to blend in with the wall) as supports for the shelves. Kudos to by husband for sanding, staining, painting, etc. and our friend Scott (of S+S Developments) for doing the finishing work.

We got the shelves up and the last bit of painting done late one night. The next morning my husband was up early unpacking his books and arranging them by genre and alphabetical order. We managed to come up with an arrangement that doesn't mess with his ordered system but still looks pretty good. AND all the books fit! (For Now).

I'm pretty pleased with how this corner of the basement came together. I think it was certainly worth the effort, and it was quite budget friendly. You could totally do this. 

I promise there will be more to show you as we finish things up. Catch little bits over at my instagram too. 



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