Wednesday, April 1, 2015

30 Days, 30 Paintings (And all for a Good Cause)

Hello, hello! Today is the 1st of April and I'm venturing out on a limb (with fingers crossed that this will work). This month has 30 days, and I plan to fill them with art making (more fingers crossed). 

30 Days. 30 Paintings. And they'll all be for sale. I have a friend who could really use a helping hand right now. She's a single mom trying to manage life (school, work, kids, her house/yard, etc). There's a lot on her plate and money is tight. All proceeds from my art sales will go to helping her. I know she needs some repairs done on her house, so I'm thinking the money will go towards that. 

For the month of April I'll be posting a daily painting. Each painting will be original, and I plan to use either watercolour or acrylic. Some pieces will be done on gallery-wrapped canvas, others on a high quality paper. Paintings on paper will be done in standard sizes so they can be framed easily (no custom framing needed). I'm happy to ship a piece to you if you don't live nearby. Please add 15% to help cover the cost of shipping. Payments can be made in person (if you live in the Saskatoon area); otherwise, payments can be made via paypal. 

Email me if you see a painting you want and we'll go from there. Remember there's only one of each piece so if you like it, you should snatch it up! Thanks in advance for your support. I know it will make a difference for this family.

Ok. Let's get this party started! 

#1 "A Bloomin' Beginning" (Acrylic on Canvas, 5X5)

Price: SOLD

Email me to purchase:

Please Note: The sides of the canvas have been painted a coordinating colour, and I've signed the back. Shoot me an e-mail if you'd like to purchase. 

Thank you! Thank you! 



  1. sold. I just spotted it on Pinterest and would have LOVED it!

  2. This is still my favourite one...wish I had spotted it in time to purchase! :) LOVE the vibrant colours and texture.


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