Thursday, April 30, 2015

Painting No. 30

It's the 30th of April and I'm done this daily painting thing. Whippee! Happy, happy. 

Would you believe this is the 3rd painting I did today? I was trying something new and it just didn't work. I had this feeling like the final painting had to earth shattering, but I ended up doing something that I've done before. It's still pretty though. AND best of all, I don't have to paint tomorrow unless I want to. Yay. Thank you a million times over for making this a successful endeavor. I can't wait to hand over the proceeds to my friend. 

#30 "Finale" (Watercolour on Paper, 5X7)

Price: SOLD

E-mail me to purchase:

I plan to be back tomorrow with some of paintings that didn't sell to give you one last chance to purchase/donate. Thanks again. 



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