Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Painting No. 7

Hello, friends! This one is hot off the press. In fact, the paint is still drying as I write this. I wanted to get away from the "flowers in vase" composition. This one is a smattering of greenery and blooms kind of suspended or maybe climbing?? Anyway, I'm happy with how it came together. 

#7 "Garden Delights" (Acrylic on Canvas, 5X5) 

Price: SOLD 

E-mail me to purchase: sarah.r.macmillan@gmail.com

I realize all the paintings have been pretty tiny (mostly 5X5). They're really too small to hang on their own unless you have just a sliver of wall that needs a bit of art. Here are some ideas on how to work with small scale art. 

Hang in a gallery with other pieces. 

A midst a bookshelf display. 

Leaned against some larger pieces on a console table, dresser, etc. 

Thanks for stopping by!

XO, Sarah

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